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Friday, June 24, 2011

Helpful moving resources

If you didn't already know, we move a lot and are in fact moving this month.  It is important to know things before you commit to a place.  Here is a list of helpful websites that are great resources for where to move,... at least it is for me.

Not all school districts are covered by this site, but it is VERY helpful for those that are.

This site is ALL about play.  You can put in your address and find all the playgrounds near you or see if the nearest one happens to be 30 miles away.   

This rates how walkable where you live is.  This is helpful if you only own 1 car or just like to get out for a walk.  The more walkable the neighborhood the more of a community you will have.  This allows for neighbors to really know if strange behavior is happening in your area.

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